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What is Gelato?

Some might think "gelato" is the Italian word for "Ice Cream" but in reality it means “frozen.” There is a huge difference between ice cream and gelato. The main difference is the amount of butterfat each product contains - ice cream ranging from 10-20% and gelato containing much lower percentages ranging from anywhere between 3-8%. Also since gelato and sorbet products do not use eggs, butter or cream as their primary ingredient bases, gelato is 1/3 LESS the fat & calories of regular ice cream. The “frozen air” processing of gelato is what gives it its delectable and smooth creamy texture without the need to use more cream and sugar. This is what makes our gelato and sorbet products the ultimate in healthy and creamy dessert delicacies.

Gelato's main ingredients are comprised of milk and sugar, which are then combined with other natural flavorings such as fruits and nuts with NO added flavors, colors or preservatives. When the ingredients are milk based, the product is called Gelato. Recipes calling for a fruit and water base are known as Sorbet.

BACIAMI Gelateria & Creperie produces homemade gelatos and sorbets on the premises each day. We offer over 100 flavors which are rotated on a daily basis. Using only the finest products and ingredients imported from Italy, at BACIAMI we strive for the highest quality and superior presentation for our customers. All our gelato/sorbet flavors and sweet crepes are available for catering. Please contact us to help make your next celebration gathering or event a scrumptious BACIAMI success.